About Us

The name “DAY ONE” was selected to exemplify that our fleece camouflage was quiet and soft right from the first day you purchased it, no break-in time. This axiom has proven true and expanded to the performance of our clothing, signifying to our customers that they are about to start a new beginning for appreciative hunting gear and the “Silent Success” it will deliver to them.

DAY ONE manufactures the camouflage garments from raw materials to completed outfits. This is a cost saving to our individual consumer customers. All garment construction takes place right here in the U.S.A. Some of the fabric patterns we are licensed for are produced from off shore facilities.

Many customers say our gear lasts to long. Surprisingly, DAY ONE has always stood by our customers first ahead of profits to make sure they get what is best for their needs.

We are proud to say that DAY ONE has earned a loyal following and these satisfied hunters do feel they have selected a higher level of hunting clothing. Once they start owning some of our garments styles which covers a wide range of terrain and weather conditions, they refer their friends along too. This is part of the story of how we have grown.

DAY ONE’s many styles offer ideal design features that have proven themselves over our 28 year history providing the hunter with a product they can rely upon season after season. We have listened, we have many field tested experiences and we select the only exemplary materials to deliver a product that will serve you better then just well. You will see our costs dwindle over the many years of good lasting performance.

"Taking you from the deserts to the Arctic"

Thank You for Your Business,

GARY Christoffersen, Owner


3300 South Knox Court

Engelwood, Colorado 80110  USA

303 / 761-2070