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While we love the tried-and-true camouflage patterns from ASAT and Predator, our founder Gary Christofferson found himself wishing for a camo that could work in most hunting environments in North America while still offering something new. After hundreds of hours of research in the field, WINDOWcamo was born.



The original artwork for WINDOWcamo

Hooved animals don’t see the way that humans do–they rely on outlines instead of details, because their vision is blurrier. This is where our WINDOWcamo comes in.

WINDOWcamo is our own camo pattern that goes deeper than the traditional, flat-surface plane found on most classic camos.  This brand-new pattern directs the animal’s eyesight down the diminishing branch design, leading to a background of empty space. This new dimensional pattern dissolves the hunter’s visual presence in a number of environments (ADD EXAMPLES). An animal looks deep into their surrounding areas to see what danger may lurk, and WINDOWcamo© effectively uses an open design with sharp contrasting edges, receding coloration and thinning branches to deceive the anima. Your deer peers through these branches and sees nothing to fear, remaining comfortable in their surroundings.



Our founder Gary wearing our exclusive WINDOWcamo


Since its release, WINDOWcamo has become the go-to pattern for bowhunters, game hunters and more. We think it’s among the best camo that your game will never see.

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