Steeped in wisdom, born from experience

After years of walking through the Colorado snow in jeans and sweatshirts, Gary Christofferson was tired of hunting in clothes that weren’t made for the conditions. An avid hunter, he decided that there had to be a better product out there. After searching everywhere, he came to a simple conclusion: if he wanted the perfect hunting jacket, he was going to have to make it himself.

Having worked as everything from a fishing boat guide to a construction worker, Gary was no stranger to hard work and figuring things out as he went along. While attending a trade show, he stopped at the booth of a fabric mill. Interested in making his own clothing, he bought a bolt of fleece fabric and set out to make a jacket specifically for hunting that would have all the features he needed for his time in the outdoors. That’s when he created the Day One Parka, a piece of outerwear so perfect that it’s remained virtually unchanged since the company was founded in 1987.

Soon, he decided that he might as well start making Parkas full-time, along with a few other products he’d been dreaming up. When it came time to name the company, Gary drew upon his experience working in the advertising to give the new company a name that summed up his products.

Day One.

The name was selected to exemplify that his fleece camouflage was quiet and soft right from the first day you purchased it, requiring virtually no break-in time. This axiom has proven true over thirty plus years. The name also signifies to our customers that they’re about to start a new beginning for appreciative hunting gear and the silent success that our gear delivers to them.

Word began to spread about these high-quality, Made in USA, affordable jackets. No fancy websites, no advertising, no product placement. Just word of mouth from hunters who want the best in old-school, no-frills hunting gear

And to this day, all Day One products are made in the USA using the same principles, patterns and techniques that Gary perfected over thirty-five years ago. The company is veteran-owned, and operates with one mission: equipping a great American tradition with great American goods.